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Beach Holidays

Our carefully curated packages ensure an experience tailored to your desires, whether it’s unwinding in luxurious beachfront accommodations, exploring vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, or discovering the island’s rich cultural heritage in Stone Town.

Spice Island

Imagine yourself on a golden sand beach surrounded by palm trees, kissed by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. In addition to offering spices, Zanzibar, sometimes known as the “Spice Island,” has a rich cultural history and unusual cuisine. Take advantage of the vivid coral reefs while snorkeling, go dolphin diving, or just laze on the beach reading a nice book. Savor delicious seafood while the sun sets beneath a starry sky. Your beach vacation in Zanzibar will be unforgettable when you book with Go With Me Photographic Safaris.

Pemba Island

Beach Holidays

Pemba Island is a less visited but equally alluring destination that is just waiting to be explored. With its isolated beaches, clove plantations, and verdant hills, this peaceful island provides an experience that is not to be missed. Divers and snorkelers will love it for its abundant marine life and pristine coral reefs. With activities ranging from daring treks into the Ngezi Rainforest to captivating dhow cruises during sunsets, Go With Me Photographic Safaris guarantees an unforgettable beach vacation on Pemba Island.

Mafia Island

Beach Holidays

Mafia Island, a hidden jewel in the Indian Ocean, offers a picture-perfect haven from the daily grind. For those seeking underwater experiences, the island’s thriving marine park is a haven, home to a wide variety of aquatic creatures, including the rare whale shark. The most tranquil beaches are those that are remote and perfect for strolls or beach picnics. With customary dhow excursions, historic sites to discover, and delicious Swahili food to enjoy, your beach vacation on Mafia Island with Go With Me Photographic Safaris is sure to be one to remember.

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